Will There Be Permanent Scarring On Your Eyelids After Surgery?

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Many individuals are deterred from having the blepharoplasty process performed on their eyelids due to fear of scarring. While scarring is a possibility, most patients don't exhibit visible scarring after the procedure due to a variety of factors. Even when scarring is present, it can be treated and minimized in a variety of ways.

How scarring is prevented

When a surgeon performs a blepharoplasty, he or she will work incisions into the patient's natural eye folds so that any scarring after the procedure will be invisible. 

Eyelid skin is characterized by its thinness. Thin areas of skin on the body will usually be less susceptible to developing long term scarring because marks on this type of skin tend to fade rapidly over time. 

Factors influencing scarring after a blepharoplasty

The skill of the surgeon is an important factor when it comes to minimizing scarring. A skilled surgeon needs to know how to expertly blend incisions in with the natural folds of the eyelids.

However, the type of suture the surgeon uses is also an important factor. Ideally, a very small, dissolving suture should be used so that the suture does not have to removed afterwards. An ideal suture type for the procedure is a Prolene 6-0 suture.

If you're considering having the procedure performed, you should discuss the type of suture that will be used with your surgeon and question him regarding the possibility of scarring.  

Methods of minimizing or removing scarring after the procedure

Even when scarring occurs after a blepharoplasty, there are a variety of different options for minimizing scars or removing them. The following are a few possibilities:

  • Patience- Some initial scarring or bruising is to be expected after a blepharoplasty. Sometimes, all it takes is patience. Over time, any marks left after the procedure should fade until they are no longer visible. 
  • Having a revision performed- Blepharoplasty revisions can be performed after an original blepharoplasty to correct any scarring. Sometimes, it takes a second procedure to achieve flawless eyelids, but patients should not assume that scarring visible after a blepharoplasty is going to permanently affect their appearance. 
  • Exercising proper care after the surgery- Scarring can be minimized if patients take care of the surgery site after the procedure. It's advisable to wait until bruising has gone down before applying makeup to the area, for example. Makeup can contain ingredients that irritate the incision site and contribute to scarring over time.