Choosing The Perfect Designer Eyeglasses For Your Face

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Designer eyeglasses have become a popular accessory to coordinate with outfits, hairstyles and jewelry. Whether you wear prescription designer eyeglasses or just wear designer eyeglasses to perk up your style, it is also important to find the perfect pair of glasses that looks best on your face. To make choosing the best designer glasses for your face easier, it is helpful to know beforehand what shape your face is. These are the different face shapes and which type of designer eyeglasses looks best on each. 

Square Shaped Faces

Square shaped faces have a strong jawline and look more asymmetrical. The forehead, chin and cheeks are usually broad. Designer eyeglasses that soften these features are best for square shaped faces. Frames that are round or upswept are ideal for square faces because they make the dominant features of the face look more delicate. Designer frames in colors such as white, gold, cream or beige also soften the appearance of a square shaped face.

Round Shaped Faces

Round faces are often as wide as they are long. The forehead may be wide, the cheeks are quite full and the chin is rounded. To slim down the round appearance of the face, avoid wearing round framed designer eyeglasses. Instead, choose a more angled frame that has a defined rim. This helps make the face look longer and less full. Printed or embellished frames also help make a round face appear slimmer because they draw the attention up to the eyes and away from the face.

Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces are wider at the forehead and cheeks and more narrow in the chin area. Rectangle, oval and round framed designer eyeglasses help give a heart shaped face a more balanced appearance. Wide bottomed frames also help make the chin look less narrow while also pulling the attention away from the wide forehead.

Oval Shaped Faces

Oval face shapes are longer than wide, have high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Fortunately, for those who have an oval shaped face, any style of designer eyeglasses can be worn. The wearer has the option of choosing frames that coordinate with the entire face or that pull all the attention directly to the eyes.

Regardless of what face shape one has, it is usually pretty easy to find designer eyeglasses to compliment their look. With the wide variety of styles, shapes and colors of designer eyeglasses on the market today, many people have several pairs of designer glasses to complete any look they choose. Look for glasses providers like SouthPark Optical Center today.