Keep Your Designer Frames Safe While You Travel

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Designer eyeglasses are costly on two fronts. Not only are they a larger investment, but depending on your degree of vision loss, it can be hard to navigate without them. Long story short, you need to keep your glasses safe. This measure becomes especially important when you travel, as the last thing you want to do is misplace or damage your glasses while out of town. Learn what you can do to avoid this scenario. 

Invest in a Proper Case

The best thing you can do to protect your designer frames while on vacation is to invest in a proper case. While the lightweight, cloth cases are okay for home use, they are not ideal for travel because these cases can easily be bent, which can, in turn, damage the frame. A hard, rigid case is the better option because the materials that these cases are made from are more resistant, and are therefore better equipped to protect your frames. 

Pack a Cleanser

You should always have a cleaning cloth with you to protect your frames, but when you go out of town, make sure you pack a cleaning solution as well. For instance, if you go on a beach vacation, you might go heavy on the sunscreen and end up with some sunscreen on the lenses. Unfortunately, a cleaning cloth alone won't clean it up. Instead, you will need a liquid cleaning solution to clean the lenses. 

Consider a Backup Pair

If your travel involves excursions, outdoor activities, water sports, or anything on the rougher side, bring a backup pair of glasses with you. Again, designer frames are costly in more than one way, so there is no need to put your frames at undue risk. Well before your trip, visit the place where you get your optical goods to order a less expensive pair of frames to match your prescription. Not only will this lessen your worry about damaging your glasses, but in the event that you lose your frames, you have an extra pair. 

Keep Them With You

Travel at the airport can be hectic, so naturally, the ideal scenario is to check as much of your luggage as possible so that you have less to carry. There is nothing wrong with this step, but you should at least keep one carry-on with you so that you can place your eyeglasses inside. Unfortunately, lost and damaged luggage is common with checked luggage, but less likely with your carry-on luggage. 

Follow these tips to ensure that your glasses remain safe and protected as you travel. 

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