3 Tips For Beginner Contact Lens Wearers

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If your vision isn't perfect, you'll need to rely on vision correcting devices to help you see. Glasses are quick and easy, but some people don't like the way they look or feel. Contact lenses provide an invisible alternative. People of all ages can wear contacts, as long as they're responsible enough to care for them properly. These three tips will walk you through the basics you need to know as a contact lens wearer.

Visit your eye doctor for a prescription.

When you're thinking of getting contact lenses, you'll need to visit your eye doctor for a prescription. If you've worn contacts in the past, the eye doctor will simply test your eyes to find out what strength prescription you need. If this is your first time wearing contacts, your eye doctor will also take measurements of your eye. They will measure the base curve and diameter of your eye so they can prescribe a contact lens in the right size. You will need to return to your eye doctor for a new exam annually so they can update your contact lens prescription and ensure that your eyes are still healthy.

Take your contacts out before sleeping.

When you wear contact lenses, you'll need to take them out periodically. Unless you have special contacts that are designed to be worn overnight, you should take your contacts out before you go to bed. Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to your eyes. Taking your contacts out gives your eyes a chance to recover, which is very important. You can take your contacts out right before bed, but it's actually better to take them off earlier in the evening to give your eyes a chance to breathe. Keep a pair of glasses around to use whenever you need a break from your contacts.

Only use saline or eye drops to re-wet your contacts.

Occasionally your eyes may begin to feel dry, especially if you're tired or if you have allergies. You can use eye drops to provide additional moisture to your eyes, which can make you feel more comfortable. Always use unmedicated eye drops designed for contact lens wearers. Eye drops meant to combat eye redness contains an active ingredient that can be absorbed by your contacts, leading to an overdose. If you get something in your contact like dirt or an eyelash, remove your contact lens and use a saline solution to flush it out.